Ways and possibilities to generate bigger profits

Do you wonder what kind of billing in marketing can be good for you?

Many companies show through the results that they are doing very well on the Internet, but there are also many companies that are not doing so well. There are many models of internet marketing, many efforts should be made before we reach the target results.

Make your great product more visible and make it to attract more customers. A strong, good brand must provide entertainment, educate and inspire its clients. Create inspiring graphic banners as one of the most effective ways to promote in the affiliate program. Offer a high commission to your recipients. Avoid a low commission of 5-10%, because the recommended commission is around 25-30%. Attract users with interesting offers which contain detailed information about your service.

Use affiliation campaigns to attract traffic to your website.

It’s always a fresh part of internet marketing. Send high-quality messages with interesting content that convey good feelings about your brand. Encourage more people to build relationships and get acquainted with the sales offer.

Treat subscribers like valuable friends and clients. 70% of purchasing decisions depend on how customers are treated.Ernst & Young

Affiliate programs – types of settlements

PPC is an internet marketing model in which advertiser pays a fee each time visitors click on the displayed advertisement.

CPS, CPC or CPL are several types of settlements within affiliate programs, which should be determined at the beginning of cooperation.

A very popular affiliate model is CPS (cost per sale). Commission for a blogger or website owner is paid for each product sold thanks to affiliation, eg in the form of a percentage on sale.

Model CPL (cost per lead) is also frequently encountered. The idea of CPL is very simple, the blogger receives a commission when a potential customer submits its data by using dedicated form. It is called „Sales lead”.

The owner of a blog or website can also settle in the CPC model (cost per click). In which the commission is earned by clicking on the affiliate link and switching to the website of the seller or service provider. This type of marketing is very positively surprised because often both large websites and smaller online stores can earn quite nice profits. According to statistics, 53% of bloggers and vlogs decide to buy products promoted and offered by influencers. For 60% of readers, the blog is a constant source of reliable information. And for 72% of them is the first source of data, often in front of large industry portals.

Performance marketing is paid for the effects. Advertisers choose between different models.

Important abbreviations associated with settlement models:

• CPA – cost per action – the cost for the actions taken, such as filling out a form or selling a product.
• CPM – cost per mille – in this model, payment is made for 1000 impressions of a video or banner.
• CPV – cost per view – used in video advertisement – cost per view. For example, on Youtube a view is considered as counted when user saw at least 6 seconds of 30 seconds advertisement. For video advertisements, it’s worth noticing the difference between CPV – watch and CPM – impression.
• CTR – click-through rate – this is a “click-through” indicator. It is measured by the number of clicks on the advertisement to the number of its impressions.
• CR – conversion rate – this is a ratio of transactions or actions made on the advertiser’s website in relation to the number of redirects to advertiser’s website.
• PPC – pay per click – this abbreviation is often used in all marketing activities in billing for clicks.